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  Brief History
  Trade Name : Today Top Star General Services Co., Ltd
  Establishment : Since 1996
  Representative : Dr. Wah Wah Sein
  Sales Scale : USD 1,000,000 and more
  Business Content : Recruitment of Myanmar Workers, Assessment, Skill Training and Employment with clean pipline system, sending to oversea countries (especially multinational companies in Thailand, Malaysia and Japan) and other future prospect countries (Countries that not use English Language as medium)
  1996-2000 : "Rigt Men and Right Places" to Over 2,000 Lical Industries.
  2001-2005 : Local Representative of Mitsui O.S.K (Janpan) and improted Fuji Maru Criise in 2002 Nurse Aid to Singapore Sedding (Non-Skilled, Skilled Workers) to Malaysia (Tanchong Motor Assembly, NISSAN, Samsung, Panasonic and others over 200 Employers)
  2006-2010 : Deal with SOFITELF Group in Qatar for Skilled Workers in Hotel industries. Pioneer sending Legal Workers under MoU System to Thailand since 2010.
  2011-2015 : Providing Myanmar MoU Workers to Multinational Companies in Thailand such as Unicord and Sea VAlue Group (Top 3 in Sea Food Sector), CPF (No. 1 in Chicken Product in the World), TUF-Thai Union Food (Top in Tuna Processor)
  PERCENT : Restart to focusing to send Caregiver to Japan since after dealed with JITCO for TITP Program sice 2005. TTS Accredited Vocational Training Center by The Republic to The Union of Myanmar.
  Available Services
  1. Domestic and Oversea Employment Services
      1.1 Recruitment and improvment workers to become Semi-skilled
      1.2 Consultancy
        1.2.1 Business Consultation
        1.2.2 Human Resource Development
        1.2.3 Human Resource Management
  2. Vocational Training Center
      2.1 Language Training
        2.1.1 Japanese
        2.1.2 English
        2.1.3 Korea
        2.1.4 Thai
      2.2 Skill Training
        2.2.1 Caregiver
        2.2.2 Sales Person
        2.2.3 Cashier
        2.2.4 Food Processing
  3. Business and Investment Services in Myanmar